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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Time Out With Mzz_Bussy TOWB ;- Hall Of Fame Uniosun Ikire

Mz Bussy: Lil- gaga
An OAP,hype man, Vj, event manager (CEO GAGASHYPE MEDIA)

Exclusive Fm- event manager/red carpet host,( CEO EXCLUSIVE WORLD ENTERTAINMENT)

Mideyclothing-fashion designer and an entrepreneur

Latmus- an entrepreneur (CeO LATMUS OUTFIT)

Olasoji- entrepreneur (CEO Ibadan urban fashion weekend)

Mz Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing⁩ @⁨Lilgaga⁩ @⁨Exclusive Fm @Latmus. @Olasoji

Mzz_bussy:Good afternoon ma’am and sir(s)
Welcome to another interesting episode of time out with mzz_bussy

Kindly introduce yourself to the house and lets get started

Lilgaga: I am Abolade Akinola Abdul-khaliq popularly known as Mr LilGaGa aka DUKE OF TALK (DOT)

Exclusive Fm: I am Olayinka Oluwafemi Ayobami, popularly known as Exclusive FM

Mz Bussy: Level n department?

Lilgaga: Studying Linguistics and communication studies at the Osun State University, faculty of arts, ikire campus.

Exclusive Fm: Department of Linguistics and Communication studies, Faculty of Art and Humanities, Ikire.400level

Mideyclothing: I am Adebiyi Maryam a 200 level student of department of English and International studies at Osun State University .A fashion designer (CEO of mideyclothings).

Latmus: My name is AbdulLateef M. Afolabi
Owner/CEO, Latmus Outifts.

Olasoji: My name is Olasoji Awofesobi
We are into event management, modelling and ushering and photography inclusive.
We hold an annual event called. Ibadan urban fashion weekend

Mzz_Bussy: Okay welcome

Mz Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga

What brought about the stage name lil_gaga & DOT

Lilgaga: Big fan of lady gaga so secondary school peeps gifted and stayed loyal to the name ever since. then DOT is a name I coined myself for the love of my work and a better identity

Mz Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing

Why fashion designing of all things?

Mideyclothing: Fashion designing is a means of creating new ideas and bringing out new things from old things and personally I love bringing innovations from things and I believe there is nothing that can bring out the best in me like fashion designing.

Mz Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm

What led to your brand name
Exclusive world entertainment?

Exclusive Fm: Well, basically Olayinka Oluwafemi started as a campus journalist, as the chief editor of the department.
During my tenure, I realized I was able to go extra mile into publicity.I'm
Then, I discovered my PR abilities and decided to launch something unique before the end of my tenure as the chief editor.
But in life, you don’t limit yourself to what only you can do. Be an idealist in all and a real boss in ONE
So, Exclusive world entertainment was the best way to bring in the PR’s, musical live band, make up artists, fashion designers, event planners together

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Latmus

Latmus outfit has been into existence for how long now?

Latmus: The CEO Latmus Outifits has always had an eye for fashion right from his childhood and this leads to his business career for about 2 years ago.

Mzz_Bussy: Oh Nice

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
What brought about the concept of event management?

Olasoji: I started with small shows when i was in my secondary school, 1909, kokodome parties and all. The event planning part was just included like 2months ago officially

Mzz_Bussy: @Lilgaga

What exactly brought abt d brand, who has impacted you the most on your career and how?

Lilgaga: That’s a very deep one. Most of the unique idea’s I come about is what I dream about. Gagashype is a brand that I never knew would come to existence but God And God alone realized.
All I same, it was all about passion and hardwork.
Before I could think of lauching a brand, I worked in so many capacity being the PRO, SOCIAL DIRECTOR OF my department, worked with leading brands then like, HI 5, TOP INITIATIVE and BOP

Mzz_Bussy: Ok

Mzz_ Bussy:@⁨Mideyclothing

Fashion designing is known to be a really tedious work
How are you coping with it and studies and since when have you been into it?

Mideyclothing: Hummmm…. Seriously! It has been very tough like not easy at all, I have worked overnight and still had early morning class but thank God I have been able to cope…. I started my fashion designing career in 2016
I have to do it coz it is what I have chosen so I have to endure with it and I believe it will surely pay…. Soonest

Mzz_Bussy: Wawu

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm

From what have come to know
You arent d only one in charge of EWE
Coping with others and working together, how has it been?

Exclusive Fm: Well, the success of a movement can’t be reached alone whether we like it or not. Meanwhile, the fact that someone isn’t useful today does not mean he/she won’t have impact later in life. Work with those who have skills, promising future as well as good ideas upstairs.
Basically as a leader, you have to be ready for the positivity and negativity of life. Shit happens. People fuck up atimes but everything has to be overlooked.
In order to achieve your goal

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Latmus Outfits

Setting up a boutique in a learning environment,
Do you find it more profitable or a loss?
You know students and there wahala…… How has it been?

Latmus: Latmus Outfits grew up to three stores (each in a different province!) but eventually, with our sales rep, the rate of our sales is moving high cos they decided to take full control of those stores . And open a boutique in a learning environment has not been seen as a loss to my brand.
Pertaining to students problems, you can rather give what you have not what you don’t have and when talking about bussiness, it requires a lot of strategies that will leads to a great sucess for any organization be it large or small

Mzz Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
Who has impacted you most in your career?

Olasoji: My mother or let me say my family, because from the first day, I made up my mind that I am going into this line of business, they have supported me always with their time, money etc. They make me not to give up when it seems so hard.

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga gagashype has been in existence since when?

Gagashype: Started September 2016 but got official May 9,2017 so we count from this day

Mz Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
What do you want to ultimately become?

Mideyclothing: I want to become an entrepreneur

Mz Bussy:Nice okay

Mz Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm
EWE (Exclusive World Entertainment) has been in existence since when?

Exclusive Fm: July 27th 2017 to be precise. Over a year now.
We thank God

Mzz Bussy: ok

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Latmus
Where do you see Latmus outfit in the next 5 years

Latmus: As we all know that the main objective of Latmus Outfits is to operate men & women’s fashion boutique geared to our customers taste . I see nothing than sucess even in the next 20 years and I pray to God to make latmus Outfits beyond Nigeria

Bussy: Okay

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
Tell me about your proudest achievement

Olasoji: Wow….. it will definitely be my fashion show. Ibadan urban fashion show. I never imagined it could be a possibility, it all started with a graphics that I felt, let me put this out and see reaction but to my greatest surprise I started planning for a show that I don’t think on a normal day with my senses I won’t be doing that, but things started working out, sponsors came in, designers also. It was very emotional for me because l never felt I could do something as huge as that. Today we are planning for the 2nd edition

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga & @⁨Exclusive Fm
In Ikire campus,
Gagashype and EWE
Seems to be the most popular media brand. As a result of this, your work load is much n strenuous
So the question is
How are you both able to cope with all of this and studies
Most especially now dat you are in your finals?

Exclusive Fm: God first. Its his grace. I know a lot of people in my class that don’t miss class all through the semester and yet have carry overs.
One advice to everyone is know your capability some over serious people have issues with their academics cos they don’t think outside its box. Learning has gone far beyond the four corners of a classroom.
No one expects a lecturer to say that in class. Its common sense.
Having a lot of responsibilities to cover keeps you ahead and very mature.
By the grace of God,I’ll finish with a 2.1…….amen
Life is just common sense.
But knowing our capabilities first matters a lot.
Don’t copy or else on the mountain

Mzz_Bussy: thumbs up

Lilgaga: So easy. My mentors would always tell me straight , university is another about studying alone so don’t limit yourself. I have always trained myself to balance my life. Family, school ,work ,friends, play. Thou not easy but God being helpful
All we enjoy, is GRACE

Mzz_Bussy: Kudos to you both

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
What was the most difficult period for you and how were you able to deal with it?

Mideyclothing: The most difficult period for me was when I started learning,it was so hard that I almost opted out then but dues to patience, perseverance, focus and determination I got over it

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Latmus Outfits
If you are not doing this job,
What is your back up plan?

Latmus: God knows more than us because we can determine our plan but lord determine our steps

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
What do you do in your spare time?

Olasoji: I watch football, I’m an arsenal fan and I also try and catch up with my family, all we do for months sometimes is just to talk on phone

Mzz_Bussy: Arsenal fan Lol….issokay

Olasoji: Lol…. We are winning the league this year

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
Where do you see your self five years from now?

Mideyclothing: I see my self in my dream….. What I have always dream of will be in reality by then.
A great entrepreneur that others get inspired through her….

Mzz_Bussy: Nice

Mideyclothing: Thanks

Bussy: @⁨Olasoji⁩
Ibadan urban fashion show?
Were there any challenges be it with your models or others involved?

Olasoji: It wasn’t a perfect show, one of the challenges we had was that we started late, and also the crowd wasn’t much, we expected much more. Aside that it was a success

Mz Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years

Lilgaga: I see someone 5 times better than the present me in the next 5 years. Every year will count for unlimited greatness in sha Allah

Mzz_ Bussy: Wow good

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
What would be your ideal working environment?

Mideyclothing: My ideal environment is an environment where I will be able to properly set up my dream and it comes into reality….. A business booming environment….

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm⁩
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Exclusive Fm: Hmm…Biko, why is it called Exclusive world……..
I see myself making wave in the world by then. Every part of the world has to feel my presence

Mzz_Bussy: OK@⁨Latmus
What do you do in your spare time?

Latmus: I arrive at work at 9:45 AM. My first few tasks are to check all the correspondence from the previous day special orders/new shipments, communicate with alibaba agent to know the latest fashions of the day in order to set the day’s goal, and manage the store finances. Like I said earlier that latmus Outfits run three 3 stores in different province, Basically, I jump in wherever I am needed throughout the day once those chores are finished for the proper supervision of and the development of latmus outfits entirely. So I don’t really have spare time and those who knows me can testify because I don’t joke with my work

Mzz_Bussy: Wow
You should at least try to create a spare time for yourself
Health is wealth

Latmus: I prefer creating time to sleep rather than creating time for fun because adages says struggles leads to sucess

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm⁩
What was the most difficult period in your life, and how did you deal with it?

Exclusive Fm: Finance is still one of it though.
But apart from finance, the confidence to convince people to believe in me and my dreams was a bit difficult but…….Life is all about risk.
If I had not overcome it then, there wouldn’t have been anything like E.w.e
Do whatever you do with courage and boldness

Mzz_Bussy: Very correct.

Mzz_bussy: @⁨Lilgaga
What are your strength n weaknesses?

Lilgaga: I am an emotional guy. So I gain my strength from being loved. Just keep loving me, that’s only inspires me and the vice-versa is a great weakness and I hate that feeling and Also Money is the greatest STRENGTH ever. Just gimme money, all is well like that

Mzz_Bussy: Gaga n Money

Bussy: @⁨Olasoji & @⁨Latmus
If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive, who would it be and what would you say to them?

Olasoji: That would be mark zuckerberg, I will say I want to be richer than you

Latmus: My parents especially my mother and I always tell her “mom” I will make you proud and one day I will make you thankful to God for bringing me to life

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
Can you tell us about your proudest achievement?

Mideyclothing: My proudest achievement is me being known as a fashion designer on campus coz I never told anyone except someone of my close pals who knows I only sew for myself and it just happened all of a sudden…. Got known by people I never imagined we would have a conversation and even people I don’t know…..Also being able to make clothes that I never imagined I can make it and my customers too,they are they boost my morale… But I believe it’s the God’s doing and it is marvelous in my eye…. Alhamdulilah

Mzz_Bussy: Started from the bottom now you are here…. Great

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm
Who is your celebrity crush?

Exclusive Fm: No male crush though. Female – simplysimi

Mz Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga
How do you feel Working as an OAP?

Lilgaga: I love it baje. I love the feeling of talking to people that can only see me and I can’t see

Bussy: @⁨Latmus
What cheers you up?

Latmus: My phone and sometimes the environment I find my self

Mzz_Bussy: Okay

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
What is/are your bad quality?

Olasoji: Hmmmm, I do not create time for people that do matter, sometimes it’s hard fr me to pick up my phone and call but deep inside me, I do have them in mind

Mzz_Bussy:So am not the only one that is guilty of this

Olasoji: Lol

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
If you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would you be up to right now?

Mideyclothing: If am not doing what am doing definitely I will still be waiting for
from family or any other source but with this I am able to help myself in some drastic situations and not that I don’t get thing from them though….. I I don’t even think I will be idle coz I love engaging myself so definitely I would have done something else to bring out my talent.

Mz Bussy: Lol….Issokay

Bussy: @⁨Olasoji
Who is your celebrity crush?

Olasoji: Adesua etomi
I wish she’s not married tho but who am I

Mzz_Bussy:I also use to like Banky W one time like dat oo
Hmmmm……should we intrude
You will take Adesua n I will get Banky back

Olasoji: Lol or it will be better if we just manage eachother

Mzz_Bussy: Ehnehn
But me I don’t like managing when it comes to stuffs like diz ooo

Olasoji: Lol we will grow to be happy

Mzz_ Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm
Are you in a relationship?

Exclusive Fm: Well, there should be a woman behind any moving man. You grab

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Exclusive Fm…So now tell me…balancing work and relationship
How has it been?

Exclusive Fm: Normal. Its good to be emotionally balanced especially when you’re a busy person. Keep your relationship well so as not to be distracted.
But don’t get carried away with it.
Na money be fine bobo

Mzz_Bussy: M.really enjoying myself here with you guys. Like diz shouldn’t come to an end
But everything dat has a beginning surely has an end

Mideyclothing: That’s ikire campus students for you…. No dull moment so we deserve some accolades

Mzz_bussy: yes sure.. You guys deserve some accolades

Lilgaga: Oya hit us

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga
What kind of personality would you be in a relationship with?

Lilgaga: A supportive personality and cool headed. I love what loves me

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Mideyclothing
Are you in a relationship?

Mideyclothing: No

Lilgaga: @Mideyclothing Yes we are lovers

Mideyclothing: Lol…. Please oooooooo don’t let comman kill me ooo I still have a lot to do with my life

Mzz_Bussy: Lol….Keep famzing @⁨Lilgaga
Are you in one?(relationship)

Lilgaga: But I never said I was not in 1.

Mzz_Bussy: So @⁨Exclusive Fm
Your last question


Exclusive Fm:
Threat bawo. We rise together…….everybody na king for hin lane.
If he is making 20k in a day and I’m making 10k…….Time is everything in life.
We have to be there for each other any day any time.
I’m the number one fan of GAGASHYPE.
We rarely work separately…… So tell the world to watch out for us

Lilgaga: Habi o. Gbayi ko taxify. We work separately only when a fine girl is involved coz I love fine girls

Exclusive Fm : I’m a pastor. I only evangelise to girls sha.
I’m free here sha

Mzz_Bussy: Last question @⁨Mideyclothing

What/who is that one person or thing that has kept/is still keeping you going?

Lilgaga: Who else than me

Mzz_Bussy: Pls what is your own oo

Mideyclothing: See you…. Indeed My faith

Mzz_Bussy: Oya @⁨Lilgaga⁩ your last question so you can go before you cause traffic

Lilgaga: Hit me

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Lilgaga
What have your learnt about yourself since you became a celebrity

I have learnt that I get discouraged easily but never give up. You can’t just predict me and I love who I am becoming.

Gagashype: . I am not a celebrity. But bet you in the next 5 years. Grace will speak
Started a new life yesterday, let’s see what the next 1 year will say

Mzz_Bussy: @Olasoji are you in a relationship?

Olasoji: Yes am in a relationship with my brand
I had like to keep that low

Mzz_Bussy: Lol…. Okay

Mzz_Bussy: @⁨Latmus
I am particularly curious about diz concerning you in particular, judging from how you’ve been answering your questions so far you sound too serious with what you do,
So my question is… Are you in a relationship?

Latmus: Yes I am

Mzz_bussy: Wow

How are you coping?….. No let me put it this way how is she coping with you?

I really wantu know

Latmus: We always have a problem on not having time for her and also on trust issue. But I always tell her, this is the time I can make hey not until when there is no sun in the sky. You all know girls with their complaints

Mzz_Bussy: It is not her fault ooo
the number one thing every girl needs in a relationship is ATTENTION oo
I really commend her ooo cos as for me I find it hard to cope with people that are too serious

Latmus: And it will be in our agreement that you will be feeding me and provide my needs
Mzz_Bussy: Oh I see but still stop taking everything too serious ooo….. Do you even play at all?

Latmus: I do play very well and I’m so stubborn as well. As times went on, I discover nothing in life than to make it on your own and this is when I started reduce my childish play

Mzz_Bussy: So we have finally come to the end of diz session with
⁨Lilgaga⁩,Mide CEO⁩,Exclusive Fm, Olasoji & Latmus
It is really nice having you guys around

Lilgaga: Namaste

Mzz_Bussy:Thank you very much your time.
I hope when next we call you on a even bigger platform, you will honour our invite

Lilgaga: Big shout out to everyone in here.
You know I love you but God loves you more

Exclusive Fm: Baby… know I love you.
Keep doing what you love doing best

Mzz_Bussy: Awwwwwwnn

Lilgaga: Busayo, get the fame and be successful, you have it all.

Mz Bussy: Awwwmn. So much love
The missions has started

Exclusive Fm: Yeah yeah yeah.
Nice time here with Mz bussy.
people will come paying for this soon.

Lilgaga: Never stop, there might be break but come back better

To know more about our guest you can always reach them on their various social media handle below:

& heryormeedeh
Facebook @mideyclothings & Adebiyi Maryam Ayomide

Exclusive FM {EWE} IG @Exclusive_world_entertainment
@Exclusive_fm & @Exclusive_habioye
Facebook @
Exclusive world entertainment
Olayinka Oluwafemi H’bamz
Exclusive Fm

Lilgaga IG @mrlilgaga_dot @gagas_hype & @mpcp_gh
Facebook:Abolade Akinola

Facebook: Latmus Outfits
IG: latmus_outfits
Olasoji IG
Facebook:Horlhasojhi youngboi Awofesobi

For bookings/sponsorship and more enquiries about TIME OUT WITH MZZBUSSY (TOWB)you can always contact: 08164836009 (whatsapp) follow Mzz_bussy on her social media handle: @mzz_bussy on IG or @cravingpen
Facebook @Fadare Oluwabusayo



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