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Saturday, October 13, 2018

[A Must See] You Have Surely Heard Of “Ikeja” Very Well, But Do You Know The Meaning? (Click Here To Find Out)

Hello Everyone
Sure everyone is doing just good???
The funny thing about life is you get to learn everyday. That is the only way to grow in knowledge. As the Greek philosopher Socrates always said: I know that I know nothing.

So when a friend told me the full meaning of Ïkeja” , the capital of Lagos, i did my own research to find out and he was right!!! Thanks my G.
Being in the centre of Lagos, Ikeja is certainly a hotspot:

But what if i told you the capital of Lagos Ikeja is only an abbreviation??
IKEJA is only an abbreviation meaning called Ikorodu and Epe Joint Administration . It was coined by colonial administrators for ease of administration.

Hope you learnt something new Today?? ��
Let’s hear from you all. We will post more new stuffs.

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