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Monday, August 27, 2018

Time Out With Mzz_Bussy TOWB ;- Hall Of Fame Uniosun Osogbo

Mzz_bussy: Good evening guys
Welcome to today’s episode of TIME OUT WITH MZZ_BUSSY live here on TOWB TV
I am your host and I go by the name 
Fadare Oluwabusayo a.k.a Mzz_bussy.

TOWB will be having her first interview session with the Hall of Fame….Uniosun( osogbo campus) which include Flykid,Gbotemi, Yemisi, Myde concept & Wittyblaze.

Mzz_bussy: Can our guest Kindly introduce themselves. Your names and what you do?

"I’m FLYKID , Music Artiste"

"Good evening mzz_buzzy and to the beautiful and handsome audience..
I am Wittyblaze, an Artiste"

"Great evening everyone I am Oluwagbotemi, a Gospel Music minister"

Myde Concept:
"Hello everyone My name is Akintade Ayomide. Am the creative director of myde concept . A public health student"

"Good evening I am Sodipo Faith Oluwayemisi. Am a model,a dancer(video vixen),an actress ,a makeover artist a stylist and lots more also an entrepreneur"

Mzz_bussy: Good evening and welcome.
Thanks for honouring my invitation.

Gbotemi: You’re always welcome

Wittyblaze: You’re welcome

Mzz_bussy: Okay

First Question and this goes to you all.
Your level and Department?

"I’m a mathematician, and I’m in 200Level"

Myde Concept:
"200level and in public health dept."


"400L mathematics"

"Chemistry department 400level"

Mzz_bussy: Okay… Thanks.

Mzz_bussy: @Flykid this question is for you
What brought about the stage name FLYKID and what is your real name?

And d stage name FLYKID was given by my classmates back in JSS…when they saw how well I was with rhymes and music…They decided that I should get a stage name so after different suggestions we agreed on FLYKID and since then, it stucked. "

"Wow…..So you discovered your talent in music at a very tender age

Flykid: True

Mzz_bussy: @Myde Concept
What brought about your creativity?.

Myde Concept:
"I guess its my urge to be extrordinary… to do what is not common among my peers"

Mzz_bussy: @Wittyblaze
What also led to the stage name Wittyblaze and what is your real name?

" Am Adigun Uthman Olalekan
I got the name from a dictionary, so I added the blaze myself because of the ginger and part I played while doing my things"

Mzz_bussy: @Gbotemi
What led you to gospel music of all genres of music

"Hmmmm…Let me start with I was auctually a sercular artiste back in the days before I got a call from God to come into the ministry of worship.
So Let me say the spirit of God led to me being a Music minister today"

Mzz_bussy: Nice

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi what made you choose this path?

"I love entertaining, and being in the entertainment industry you have to be multi talented
Cause I believe if you can fit or be helpful in diverse way you will be like an hot cake"

Mzz_bussy: Very correct

Mzz_bussy: @Flykid what exactly made you choose this path?

"I guess it was just in me..I’ve always loved music since I was a kid.. I listen to radio all the time.. Then I started making my own music and started improving with time"

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi
Who is your celebrity crush?

Lolsss I have none"

Mzz_bussy: Lol…..okay.

Mzz_bussy: @myde concept I Actually find all what you do interesting most especially for a lady so Myde can you describe a time when your work was critized ?

Myde Concept:
"Critize in wat specific sense ma’am"

Mzz_bussy: Your client/customers complaining abt your work

Myde Concept:
" No really Complaint about my work because I put in my best …lets just say another way to critize my work is when a client tell me is it not handmade u did?
just for pricing…its hurts at times"

Mzz_bussy: Oh…. Okay I get.

Mzz_bussy: @Gbotemi
Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years from now?

"Well …From my own view i see myself to have finished school and moved up in the ministry God has given me.."

Mzz_bussy: @Wittyblaze since when have you started your musical career?

"It all started professionally last 2 years. And its been going well since then, and I thank God for where I am today, tho its not easy as we think its gonna be before we start. But everything will surely be okay"

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi…. Next question
What are your strengths and weaknesses?

"Don’t understand the question"

Mzz_bussy: What are the things or who the people you consider to be your strengths? And what makes you feel discouraged?"

"Well my mum is my strength and Critics make me feel discourage
Mzz_bussy: Her mother’s daughter.
Right…..Critics discourage people
But critics often turn out to be a source of motivation"

Mzz_bussy: @Flykid & @Wittyblaze
What are your achievement so far in your musical career ?

"No Achievement till I hit the bag. All other achievements are just for encouragement

Mzz_bussy: Hmmmmmm

Wittyblaze: Yes o"

"I would say my only achievement is that I’ve been able to atleast make wave in my school.. Uniosun.. And I’m hoping to reach out to the world at large by God’s grace"

Mzz_bussy: Okay…. Cool

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi
You know being in the entertainment industry most especially as a lady, people are bound to throw shades at you
So now, Can you describe a time when your work was badly criticised and how you felt?

"Well on daily basis I get bad comments n reviews
My work has made me lost so many things and also gain many things. There was one time I felt like what I was doing wasn’t really for me
That was December 18 2015 after burn fire I was called out in church and was banned from being a worker and an exco in front of everyone in church I felt so embarrassed but wen I got home after thinking it through, I just got an inside vibe. And I just stopped thinking about what people think about me since my mum is proud of me"

Mzz_bussy: Sad…..No easy route to success. This are part of the challenges.

Yemisi: Yeah

Mzz_bussy: @Wittyblaze
What about challenges?

" A lot of challenges, but God over everything. But the challenges are not something critical, to mention but a few, I could remember last year when I went for dinners that I wasn’t even invited for in Uniosun, sometimes I might be so lucky to get in to the event hall, but mostly I always get bounced by the security men, and I’d keep on begging them to let me in and some times I had to pay for the entrance fee before getting a pass to the hall.. And the saddest of it all, was a day I went for an event in Lagos state all the way from Osogbo, Though my journey to Lagos was interesting but while I was coming back the journey was kind of funny because I ended up sleeping at the garage in Osogbo just because it was too late to get back to my hostel. And also the day I got beaten by the security guards at Ede one night that I’m going for an event that day got me like.. So many challenges in the industry that’s why I don’t wanna quit because every challenges happens for a reason"

Mzz_bussy: The road to success is not easy though. Greater things coming your way just believe.

Wittyblaze: .. E fit happen any time that’s my new slang though

Mzz_bussy: @Myde Concept who has impacted you most in your career and how

Myde Concept:
" I have quite a lot of people who have in different ways"

Mzz_bussy: Okay.

Mzz_bussy: @Gbotemi
If you weren’t a gospel artist , what would you be up to right now?

"Wow…..I ll still be a sercular artiste Most likely"

Mzz_bussy: @Flykid
do you have a mentor & who is your mentor (if any)

"I don’t have a specific mentor.. Cos I just derive motivation from anybody making good music"

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi
What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for you?

"Nothing weird so far"

Mzz_bussy: @Gbotemi
What is your personal mission statement (if any)

The mission is to bring much more unto the light of God,through spirit filled worship also to break grounds,deliver and heal through the ministrations of worship as we all know that worship is a very powerful tool"

Mzz_bussy: @Myde Concept if you are not doing this job, what would be your back up plan?

Myde Concept:
"I ll be out there on the street looking for the less privilege..or working for an NGO that has to do with kids because of my great passion for kids"

Mzz_bussy: @Flykid
Are you in a relationship

" I’d rather not disclose that ma"

Mzz_bussy: Okay.

Mzz_bussy: @Sleek
Are you in a relationship?

" I think i ll agree with flykid on this too ma’am"

Mzz_bussy: Lol…..Issokay.

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi if you could be anywhere in the world now, where would you be?

"Obviously outta this country

Mzz_bussy: Lol, No place Like home oo

Yemisi: This isn’t home


Mzz_bussy: @Myde Concept
You are studying in the health line(public health practitioner in the making) but your line of work is based on craft
The question is what are your future plans with the course you are currently studying?

Myde Concept:
" I get this question in almost all my interview…the thing is my craft has a future linked to my course of study…someday with the help of God I wanna visit NGOs ,IDP camps as a public health officer and teach them about craft and how they can still find their passion and living out of it"

Mzz_bussy: I never thought of it in that direction. Bravo.

Mzz_bussy: Last question for @Flykid & @Wittyblaze

"Here in Uniosun Osogbo campus, both of you are considered to be one most popular artists on campus
I even saw it on somebody status saying ” A show here in Osogbo without Wittyblaze & Flykid is incomplete”

So now ,The question goes thus
Do you guys see yourself as a threat to each other?

"Threat?… Hell no… I see us as motivations to each other… Seeing someone also keeping up with the standard is a very good thing for me.. It encourages me to keep the fire burning"

"There is no room for threat we’re all one and we rise by lifting others. And I pray the good path of the industry will favour us all…..And I’m not yet popular in osogbo campus, I have a lot of bosses which I respect them most and me been here is with God’s grace and the support of those I met on campus doing good musics"

Mzz_bussy: Okay.

Mzz_bussy: @Myde Concept are you in any relationship?

Myde Concept:

Mzz_bussy: Okay.. Your last question for today
Work and relationship, how do you balance both?

Myde Concept:
" We ve been together for a very long time so He understands my working let me say he helped me with the balancing….. Because am a workaholic"

Mzz_bussy: Very good. Nothings feels good like having a supportive and understanding partner.

Mzz_bussy: @Gbotemi Last question
What advice would you give your younger self?

"By younger self you mean?"

"What you were doing abt 5 years earlier compared to what you are currently doing MWhat advice do you have for your past self ?"

To have been in the ministry early enough…. I hated Gospel music cause I felt it was boring till I realized my life is to worship"

Mzz_bussy: Okay.

Mzz_bussy: @Yemisi
Are you in a relationship?

Yemisi: Yes

Mzz_bussy: OK @Yemisi your last question
Work and relationship, how do you balance both?

"Its not been easy though
Having issues balancing it
The ratio can’t b the same that’s why most celebrities have issues with their relationship its either work over relationship or relationship over work"

Mzz_bussy: okay.

Mzz_bussy: Thanks a lot for your time

@Flykid @Wittyblaze @Sleek @Myde concept @Yemisi

I hope when i call for another interview session with you guys. You will honour my invite

Flykid: Sure ma

Yemisi: Sure

Wittyblaze:Anytime any day ma

Sleek: You are very much welcome ma
I honour you greatly

Myde Concept:  Uwc. I really enjoyed myself too. I don’t mind you having me again. Thanks I really appreciate.

This has brought us to the end of today’s episode on time out with Mzz_bussy (TOWB).

If there are any comments or questions for our guest (Yemisi, Flykid,Myde concept,Wittyblaze and Gbotemi).

The comment session is now open so feel free to drop your comment and questions let us know how you feel about them…..Thanks.


Kplus: @Flykid @Wittyblaze
How have you been able to cope with female fans, because we heard
“say na them,na them,na them dey rush you” Moreover, we don’t know your relationship status,thanks

Wittyblaze: Hmm… The female fans are always awesome, and coping with them is always awesome also. But I cope with them with sense. Cos I won’t like the situation whereby ladies will start fighting on irrelevant things or even their boyfriends, cos I’d love the ladies to promote me to their boyfriend’s side and I won’t appreciate anything like fight cos most of the events I attended is always at night, make dem no go brake my head.
So I’d rather keep friends with them.

To know more about our guest you can always reach them on their various social media handle below!!!
Facebook. Itz Flykid dynamixbeatz
IG. @flykid_dynamixbeat
Twitter. @flykid_dynamix

IG & twitter: @iam_Wittyblaze
IG :@yhemzy

Myde concept
IG myde_concept
Facebook: Akintade Ayomide

IG: @gee_bea
Facebook:Moronkeji gbotemi

For bookings/enquries/sponsorships: contact Mzz_bussy
08164836009 on whatsapp
Fadare Oluwabusayo on facebook
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