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Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Couple Were Caught Under A Blanket In Public

A couple caught frolicking under a blanket in a city centre claim they were faking sex as parents and their children passed by CCTV showed Steven Harvey, 45, and Claire Hillier, 42, cavorting under the blue blanket for eight minutes on a sunny summer afternoon.
The area in Plymouth, Devon was “busy” with adults and children on their way home as the pair appeared to be romping in broad daylight, a court heard.
But Harvey and Hillier denied they were having sex and were spared jail when accepted that they were faking intercourse, Plymouth Live reports.
Harvey and Hillier went on trial at Plymouth Crown Court but then pleaded guilty to outraging public decency.
They were handed an 18-month community order on Tuesday by Plymouth’s resident Judge Paul Darlow. “I hope we don’t meet again, because if you do, it’s because you have breached this order,” Judge Darlow told the defendants.
An exclusion order was also considered that would have prevented Harvey and Hillier from going into the city centre for six months.



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