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Saturday, August 18, 2018

A Speech From Uniosun Banking And Finance President - Kuti

The president of banking and finance in person of George Oluwasegun in a prestigious university i.e Osun State University Osogbo talks about the benefit each and every duly matriculated students of the institutions can benefit from been a member of CIBN with the sum of #4100 only.

Read what he said below;-

Greatest Nigerian students!!!
Articulate  banking and finance students!!!

Beta done show. The Chartered Institute Of Bankers Of Nigeria ( CIBN ) carry beta come.
Do you know that to register with CIBN through Uniosun, Okuku campus is just N4,100 only. I am sure u must be shocked too  compared to other professional bodies' registration fees.

CIBN, still carry many incentives for body after registration such as;-

1) scholarship will be given to the best graduating student of every set starting from the last set to go for masters outside the country and earn triple certificates i.e. ACIB Scotland, ACIB Nigeria and MBA
Crazy right? I am glad that I belong to this wonderful department.

2) Every student will be given course exemptions after graduating from this great department, that means u will not have to start from the beginning again.

3) Students will also be given opportunity to represent their respective schools at a yearly Banking and Finance conference at Abuja where students have the opportunity to meet prominent men of this great industry.

And so much more what else can anyone ask for.

If u miss this, even you will not forgive yourself [lol]. All these for just N4,100! Tooooo cheap [lol].

The best qualification for every Banking And Finance student in Nigeria is to register with the CIBN in order to be a professional in this industry. I am pleading on everyone in this great institutions mostly banking and finace students not to miss out, register now.

To get registered effortlessly, please contact the HOD of Banking And Finance  Department in any university.

Thanks and God bless this great department.


BY;- 001 Citizen Of The Department



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