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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

UNIOSUN;- Botany Dinner And Award Night Officially Announced ( View To See Dates And Price Attached To Award Bidding )

Great Botany Students!!!!!!

As we all know that we have started the second semester ( Rain Semester) we will be having our *Departmental Week* this semester by God's grace... And the Schedule goes thus;

*Monday: Awareness

*Tuesday: Career Talk/ Seminar

*Wednesday: Excursion

*Thursday: Sports & Picnic

*Friday: Dinner Night

The date for the week is month 6th _10th August  2018 and the amount to be paid is #6000.we are to pay to the treasurer in person of adeniyi Charles modupe. Other informations would be pass along and we promise not to let u down
*Note*:all questions concerning this should be sent directly to the president or the general secretary or any executives at hand.

Award categories

1. Rookie of the year(strictly 100l) - free

2. Mr plant biology -#3500

3. Miss plant biology -#3500

4. Entrepreneur of the year -#3500

5. Mr portable - #3500

6. Miss portable -#3500

7. Most endowed -#3500

8. Most jovial -#3500

9. Most popular -#3500

10. Best clique -#7000

11. Most sophisticated(male) -#5000

12. Most sophisticated(female) -#5000

13. Fashionista(male) - #5000

14. Fashionista(female) -#5000

15. Most influential(male) -#4000

16. Most influential(female) -#4000

17. Most expensive(male) -no price

18. Most expensive(female) -no price

19. Most handsome -#3500

20. Most beautiful -#3500

21. Couple of the year -#6000

22. Best personality(male) -#3500

23. Best personality(female) -#3500

24. Philanthropist of the year -#6000

25. Big, bold and beautiful(B³) -#4000

26. Slim, stunning and sexy(S³) -#4000

27. Model of the year(male) -#4000

28. Model of the year(female) -#4000

29. Ladies man of the year -#3500

30. Face of NABOS(male) -#7000

31. Face of NABOS(female) -#7000

NOTE: The awards cut across each level so you can pay for any award of your choice and if the award you want is not part of the ones listed above feel free to contact us. And for the most expensive the person that pays the highest money will get the award and to get your award contact the welfare director or the social director or any of the excos 




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