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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

World Cup: Messi Said Argentina vs Nigeria Clash, Will Be The Easiest In The Group

Lionel Messi has said that Argentina does not know
much about Nigeria ahead of their World Cup Group D
clash in Russia.
Nigeria will face Argentina in the last game of the group,
and Messi believes the game against Iceland and Croatia
will be more important than that of the West African
In an exclusive interview with UK Express, Messi said the
game against Nigeria will not be a walk-over even
though he does not know much of Nigeria.
The Barcelona star said:-
“The important thing is that we are here in
this World Cup and that we give everything
to achieve as much as we can.
“If Argentina goes out there and plays as we
know we can then it will be very difficult to
beat us.
“We have experienced World Cups before
and we know that every rival will come out
to try and beat us and play the game as if it
is a final. That always makes it more
complicated. But we are used to it.
“It will be important to start strongly.
Iceland did well in their last tournament so
the first match will not be comfortable. But
these are the ones to win if you don’t want
the next matches to be even more
“Croatia is a good team with players in the
big European leagues and that makes them
“We don’t know so much about Nigeria but
the African teams are normally compact,
tough and strong. So it will be no



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