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Tuesday, June 12, 2018

LINCSSA Press says both Comrade Double Joy and Hon. Victor are disgrace to the faculty (UNIOSUN IKIRE CAMPUS)

Deducing from the news release by LINCSSA Press and
The Heartbeat Press , it was learnt that Honourable
Fabunmi Victor unruly walked out of the parliamentary
sitting on 9 th June, 2018. It was gathered that the
Honourable was not recognized by the speaker of the
house because he had earlier been recognized for
several times. This made him furious and walked out of
the session claiming that the Speaker did not have the
authority to recognise an observer before an
Honourable to share his views at the sitting.
Olofofo Uniosun received a copy of an open letter
written by the said Honourable which lambasted the
campus journalists for releasing such news.
Honourable Victor in his open letter summed up the
press release as propaganda where he rubbished
LINCSSA Press for being unprofessional. In his open
letter, he declared Omo Ologo; the former president of
one of the largest departments on campus as “A
NOBODY”. He announced his firm decision not to
apologize for the acclaimed misconduct.
The story continues our dear readers, as you all know
that gossiping is our daily bread, the full gist is still with
me. The saga did not end with that, the Vice President
of Ikire campus took to his Facebook page to lambaste
campus journalists in support of Hon. Victor. He
pronounced the press crew in Ikire campus as
unprofessional and further urged them to read more
books on journalism.
Olofofo Uniosun has not stopped poke-nosing around,
following the vituperative statements made by the two
politicians; the journalists on campus became angered.
Behold, The Heartbeat Press Editor-in-chief; Olasupo
Ayoola Earnest unleashed an open letter rubbishing the
second citizen of Ikire campus; the Vice President and
also Honourable Victor. He made it known to the public
in the letter that Honourable Victor was very rude during
the sitting and he was busy antagonizing anything
raised by Madam Speaker whether logical or illogical.
Reactions have revealed that perhaps the Honourable
has personal issue with the Speaker because they both
contested and was defeated. Some reacted that the
unruly exit of the Honourable from the sitting was a
display of cowardice. The Editor-In-Chief did not stop
at that juncture, he went farther to trash the Vice
President of Ikire campus. He addressed the Vice
President as a being whose brain had already gone on a
leave of absence which made him to make the world of
journalism so hard for them. He further apprised the
Vice President to reconfigure his sense of thinking and
ideological sense of belongingness.
Nonetheless, Olofofo Uniosun thought that was the end
of the whole saga until we started receiving articles
from concerned ones. The LINCSSA Press launched an
open letter in dishonor of Honourable Fabunmi Victor
and the Vice President. Olofofo Uniosun thought
LINCSSA Press would be pleasant while addressing the
second citizen of Ikire campus. The LINCSSA Press
wrote in the letter that both Comrade Double Joy and
Hon. Victor are disgrace to the faculty. The Press went
further to reveal how the blood of the Honourable had
unconsciously mixed with his brain which was the
reason behind his misplaced actions and inactions. It
was also revealed that it was very foolish of the Vice
President to declare them unprofessional after licking
their feet to earn popularity via their outfit while he was
This saga seems unending. The questions are: What
are the views of the students? What are the
stakeholders saying about this? Will Madam Speaker
talk or not?
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